To enter Key Stage 2 is to enter a world of possibilities.  Discover, explore, create and learn! The journey from Year 3 to Year 6 enables children to unlock the potential scientist, historian, author, mathematician or artist that they may become.  Travel in time from the gladiators of Ancient Rome to Tudor England.  Voyage across the globe exploring rivers, reading maps and analysing weather systems!

The Key Stage 2 curriculum offers a diverse range of specialised areas of study following the English National Curriculum in an international environment.  The emphasis is on active learning through scientific experiments, mathematical investigations and performances.  English skills are developed through drama, discussion, role-play and debates.   Year 5 and Year 6 pupils have opportunities to work in Senior School laboratories dissecting hearts, identifying microbes or making rock salt.

As well as developing their academic ability pupils are encouraged to strengthen their interpersonal skills and become excellent team players through our comprehensive sports programme.

As Global Citizens children build relationships with people from a wide range of cultures. They are actively involved in charity work, environmental projects and house teams. This promotes a culture of collaborative learning, tolerance, respect and integrity.

The learning journey continues outside the classroom through websites, class trips and homework tasks, which are an integral part of the programme.