Our Vision
As the child completes the journey by achieving early learning goals he/she steps into a marvelous journey which prepares the child to formal education

​​Our ​Mission​​
To take your child on this journey smoothly, making it very exciting and enjoyable while learning.
To cast a magical spell during this journey, the practitioners use the following essential paraphernalia.

Jolly phonics – the stardust of language and literacy
Is a synthetic phonetic method, which enables the child to read and write independently using phonetic sounds, which takes his/her to a wonderful imaginary world with, stories and jingles.

Abacus – the building blocks of math
The basics of all mathematical concepts learnt in a more fun filled and interactive manner which enables your child to gain   confidence in problem solving, while working hand in hand with modern technology.

Nature studies- the pixie dust to explore the world

Where your child’s senses are magically stimulated, to explore many topics about his/her living environment and the world, through experience.


    • To develop intellectual abilities with a balanced personality
    • To enable students to use their fullest potential to be independent and smart
    • To equip them with modern technology
    • To inculcate spiritual and moral values with positive attitudes
    • To develop essential communication abilities